Course Assignments

This course will introduce students to common forms of magazine non-fiction and literary journalism. Students will become familiar with different forms of magazine writing, learn how to analyze magazine audience, generate and pitch ideas, critique peer work, and develop and write their own articles.

The course will focus on the New Yorker in particular, though emphasize the genres there and understanding how to localize these forms and adapt their style, tone, and content in practical ways. In the New Yorker we will read, discuss, and analyze the following forms from a writer's perspective:

  • Goings On About Town (short news reporting) 250-1000 words
  • Talk of the Town (commentary on news, politics, and current events) 500-1000
  • Shouts and Murmurs (whimsical essays, humor) 1000
  • Profiles (people, places, events, discoveries, campus guests) 2000-3000
  • Annals of _____. (research, crime, politics) [1000-2500]
  • The Sporting Scene (more long form profile or news) 1500K-2500
  • The Critics (pop music, books, poetry, theater, cinema, television) 1000-2000

Of course we don't live in New York, but we'll localize these forms and approaches. We will adopt a workshop approach which will require that students share their work, comment, critique, and be helpful to other writers in the class.

We may publish our work in a class magazine, and students will be encouraged to submit work to the Rapidian for possible publication.